The following resources are related to the data presented on this website and Hydrologic Information Systems:

CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System

The goals of the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS) Project are to unite the nation's water information, to make it universally accessible and useful, and to provide access to the data sources, tools and models that enable the synthesis, visualization and evaluation of the behavior of hydrologic systems. The CUAHSI HIS is a geographically distributed network of hydrologic data sources and functions that are integrated using web services so that they function as a connected whole. The CUAHSI HIS website contains tools for implementing Hydrologic Information Systems. This website uses components of the CUAHSI HIS for publishing the data collected at the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

CUAHSI Observations Data Model

The CUAHSI Observations Data Model (ODM) was designed for the storage and retrieval of hydrologic observations in a relational database. ODM stores hydrologic observations data in a system designed to optimize data retrieval for integrated analysis of information collected by multiple investigators. The CUAHSI HIS website contains resources for creating ODM databases in Microsoft SQL Server, for loading observations data into an ODM database, for editing the CUAHSI ODM controlled vocabularies, and for querying, visualizing, and editing data stored in an ODM database. The Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge monitoring data are stored in an ODM database.