Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge Data Web Services

Web services are computer applications that interact with and exchange information with other applications over the internet. The Bear Lake National Wildlfe Refuge web services have been developed to be a standard mechanism for flow of observational data between the observations database and users. Web services streamline the time consuming tasks of extracting data from a data source, transforming it into a usable format and loading it in to an analysis environment. Web services make the monitoring data available from within the analysis or applications programming environment of a user's choice, and, in addition, web services provide cross platform capability for users with varying levels of programming sophistication.

CUAHSI HIS 1.0 ODM Web Services

The following links provide access to the standard CUAHSI ODM web services that are part of Version 1.0 of the CUAHSI HIS. These web services have been implemented on top of the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge Observations Data Model (ODM) database.